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Posted: February 15, 2009 in Baltimore Orioles, Baseball, Blog
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I am very excited for the upcoming Orioles season. First is the addition of the first Japanese Oriole player, Koji Uehara and Matt Wieters. I know that Wieters will most likely start in the minors, but I am excited to see him play major league baseball. I am really looking forward to Fan Fest in April, I would like to get a few autographs from the newer players (Uehara, Pie, and Jones). A close friend, my wife and I were fortunate to pick up Brian Roberts and Nick Markakis last year.Brian Roberts Autographed BallNick Markakis Autographed Ball

Andy MacPhail, the head of the Orioles, has done wonders this off season. 

I am quite happy that the Orioles have moved past Daniel Cabrera. When Cabrera was on his game, he was unstoppable, however when off (which seemed more common) he was just horrible to watch. I really hope for Cabrera’s sake he can prove the Orioles wrong and turn everything around, but with 5 years of watching him, I doubt it.

I was hoping that the Orioles would let Kevin Millar remain an Oriole. I understand that the club is trying to move to younger talent, but Millar was a motivator and team player. He kept things together and I am unsure who will be able to fill his void.

With the additions of Felix Pie and Cesar Izturis, I feel very comfortable with the Orioles’ defense. Hopefully Izturis will be able to fill the void that the Orioles have had at shortstop for some time. I am not too concerned about his offense, if he can fill the position with a solid defense the Orioles can focus on other things. With what I have heard about Felix Pie, I am quite excited to see him play. Between Jones, Markakis, and Pie the Orioles’ outfield could be one of the best. They are all very talented and fast, which should provide a lot of comfort to pitching staff.

The only thing I am still waiting for is the contract for Brian Roberts. I believe Brian is one of the best lead off hitters and second basemen in the majors. Having Roberts and Markakis compliment each others strengths helps the Orioles. And as most people know, Brian Roberts is a fan favorite, why would you hurt the team by removing Roberts when he brings in fans and serves the community (it just does not make sense to me). An example of community service Brian Roberts performs would be Brian’s Baseball Bash (to help raise money for the children’s hospital). I am hoping to attend the Brian’s Baseball Bash this year if I have the needed funds, I know my wife and son would really enjoy it to.

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  1. SacBunt says:

    I feel pretty much the same about the team heading into Spring Training, however, I’m glad to see Millar go. He was a great clubhouse guy and obviously loved the game, but we needed to cut ties with that ‘type’ of player; the over-the-hill guy who won’t necessarily help us build for the future. It’s so great to actually have a decent bench this year, Trembley will actually be able to make some offensive substitutions. I can’t wait for FanFest, I’m looking to get Markakis, Roberts, and Sherrill.

    • ryanmemorabilia says:

      If you are going to Fan Fest, would you like to meet up there? I forgot about getting Sherrill’s autograph, so I will be adding him to my list of autographs to wait in line for.

  2. SacBunt says:

    I just bought my Fan Fest tickets last night and am very excited. Chris from Crackin’ Wax is in the process of trading me some of his custom GameDay Graphers that I hope to get signed in exchange for some Twins cards I had. Yes, let’s meet up there for sure. You can e-mail me at sacbuntblog@gmail.com and we can take this off-line.

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