Wife’s Mail Call and Trade (12 Feb 09)

Posted: February 13, 2009 in Baseball, Blog, Mailbag
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2008 Upper Deck Series 1 (UD-BR) Brian Roberts RelicToday my husband anxiously opened the mail box in hopes of receiving our second trade package. It arrived! Chris from Fan of Reds sent us a nice pile of 2008 Allen & Ginter cards  from our want list as well as some random Orioles cards (including Cal Ripken, Jr.), and a 2008 Upper Deck Brian Roberts jersey card. I have not seen this card before, it is awesome. Chris was so generous to us.  THANK YOU CHRIS! We enjoy reading his blog everyday. It is so nice meeting all sorts of different collectors online that we would normally never get the chance to meet. We feel accepted in the Baseball Card Blog community. Thank you everyone! Now we can’t wait to do some more trades and send people cards they like!

2007 Allen & Ginter (AGR-BR) Brian Roberts RelicAlso in the mail, from a recent ebay win, was a 2007 Allen & Ginter Brian Roberts authentic game-worn jersey card (AGR-BR).  Our Brian Roberts and Nick Markakis collection is slowly growing to the size of our Cal Ripken, Jr. collection. Opening packs of cards, trading, and winning from ebay is not only exciting for my husband but for myself as well. Once our son is old enough, he too will be part of the card collecting.We are looking forward to that time so much. It is so great to see the group breaks done by Jawdy’s Basement and Saints of the Cheap Seats, with their sons helping out. One day that will be our family!

  1. Chris says:

    I’m glad the cards arrived safely and that you like them! Thanks for the trade!

  2. Chris is always generous!

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