Treasures Found Part 2

Posted: February 2, 2009 in Baltimore Orioles, Baseball, Blog, Football

Continuing the large task of organizing and sorting all my stuff, I came across something that is a fitting find for Superbowl Sunday. Two old football cards, if you know anything about them, please drop me a comment:

Ed Brown #53Howard Ferguson #57

On to the Super Bowl, Congratulations to the Pittsburgh Steelers! I did not follow either team during the season, so all I was wishing for was a great game. And that wish was granted! It had me on the edge of my seat the entire 4th quarter.

Both my wife and I are very excited about the Group Break that is going over at Saints of the Cheap Seats.  We are a little nervous, it being our first group break (if everything goes well, we are hoping to join a few more breaks this summer). Of course, we picked the Baltimore Orioles. All we can do for now is to cross our fingers and hope for a few nice hits.

  1. Von says:

    I found out that the cards are from the 1955 Bowman football set.

  2. ryanmemorabilia says:

    Thank you for the info.

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