Please Keep Nick and Brian on the team

Posted: January 23, 2009 in Baltimore Orioles, Baseball
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Well as I am sure every Orioles’ fan knows, Nick Markakis is staying in an O’s uniform for a few more years. But now the subject turns to the second baseman, Brian Roberts.

Brian Roberts Bobblehead

All I can say is I am a huge Nick Markakis and Brian Roberts fan. With out Brian in the leadoff role, I do not think the team will do as well. He also brings a lot to the community, for example, Brian’s Baseball Bash (Which I hope to take my son to this year). He is not the biggest or strongest, but he sure plays with a lot of heart.

So my wish for the 2009 Orioles season is simple, keep the top 4 , at least in my eyes, Nick Markakis, Brian Roberts, Jeremy Guthrie and Adam Jones on the team for the long term. For the article talking about the Orioles signing Roberts, click here.


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