Steelers Vs. Ravens

Posted: January 16, 2009 in Baltimore Ravens, Blog, Football

After researching the game on ESPN, I am a little down. They stated that the Ravens are hands down the underdog and the Steelers will end up beating the Ravens.

However, I feel that the Ravens have more to prove than the Steelers. People expected the Steelers to do well.  The Rookie Coach and Quarterback the Ravens have made the Ravens a contender. The Ravens lost both regular season games against the Steelers, only by a combined difference of 7 points. This game is time for the Ravens to prove that they can win against their division rival!

If the Ravens can pull off a win this weekend and go to the Superbowl, no one will stop them from winning it all.

Question of the day:
Who will win this weekend in the Divisional Games? And who will be the Superbowl Champ?
(Please comment with your answer for all to see)


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