Ravens Playoff #2

Posted: January 9, 2009 in Baltimore Ravens, Football

Looking forward to tomorrow’s game, Baltimore vs. Tennessee (4:30 in Tennessee), one can only think of the Raven’s 2000 season (Sound familiar). Reviewing the stats for the teams over the entire season, Baltimore won every category except one, passing yards, (however there is only a .7 yard difference in average) according to ESPN. For the stats, click here. Not to mention, that if Collins is not playing his best game, Ed Reed will make him pay for every ball thrown down the field. Hopefully, the Baltimore defense will pressure Collins into those situations. I also believe that the Ravens are still alittle bitter after losing to the Titans earlier in the year. I know a lot of Titans fans will state that the Titans have an additional week of rest so they will win, but according to ESPN the Chargers and Ravens are currently the hottest teams in the NFL. Also the Ravens, in my opinion, are a better team on the road during the playoffs. In conclusion, I feel that if the Baltimore Ravens show up to play and play smart, there is no way we are going to lose this game.


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