Ed Reed = HOF

Posted: January 9, 2009 in Baltimore Ravens, Football

While reading over ESPN, I found this interesting story.

I do agree with them that in his 7 years playing professional sports he has become a dominating figure on the field. If he plays for a few more years and continues about the same on-field production, I feel that he should be a shoe-in for the H.O.F. According to the article it sounds like he has a good head on his shoulders too. He does not get into the news for stuff that happens off the field, but he is in the news for the plays he makes on the field.

In the beginning of the article, they brought up a fact about Ed Reed wanting to try out professional baseball. Very Interesting! If he were on the Orioles for even one season I think it would help sell tickets. Even if they used him as just a pinch runner, with all that speed on first base, imagine what would be going through the pitcher’s mind.

Not to forget the other two shoe-in H.O.Fers still on the rosters, being Ray Lewis and Matt Stover!


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