Ripken Thursday – 1992 Topps 40

Posted: January 8, 2009 in Baltimore Orioles, Baseball, PSA Graded

1992 Topps 40Starting today, every Thursday I will be posting a new Cal Ripken Jr.

Above is the 1992 Topps #40. This is one of my favorite Ripken cards. On the card, is a picture of Cal Ripken Jr. next to the monument of the person who’s record he would break in 3 years, Lou Gehrig “The Iron Horse”. As you can see, this card has been graded a perfect 10 by PSA.

In other news, Orioles single tickets go on sale 17 Jan 09. If interested go here.

  1. Dave says:

    Just curious – why do you block out the PSA certification number when you post your graded cards? I’ve posted a bunch on my blog with the number showing – am I in any sort of danger that I’m not aware of?

  2. ryanmemorabilia says:

    Since I am working on the Set Registry, I decided to blur them out. Are you working on any of the PSA Set Registries? If so which ones. I have doubles of Cal Ripken Jr. graded, if you would like to trade. Here is a message board about it. Hope it helps.

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